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  • Livingstone accepts patients with insurance (Cal-Optima, Medi-Cal, Medicare, and private insurances) and without insurance. No one will be refused services for an inability to pay​

  • We offer a Sliding Fee Discount Program to patients with incomes at or below 200% of the current federal poverty guidelines, based on their family size and income


  • The Sliding Fee Scale Discount will apply to insured Sliding Fee Scale eligible patients unless prohibited by the third party participation agreements as well as non-insured Sliding Fee Scale eligible patients. 


Please contact our office 714-248-9500 for Sliding Fee Scale eligibility or Sliding Fee Application. 

의료비 할인 혜택 자격 조건이나 신청서 문의는 714-248-9500 으로 하십시오. 

Favor De Contactar Nuestra Oficina Al (714)-248-9500, para la aplicación de tarifas ajustables, y la eligibilidad de la escala de tarifas ajustables. 


Additional Resources to Sliding Fee Scale Discount/

의료비 할인 혜택/ Descuento de Escala de Tarifa Móvil




Survey for the Application of HQHC







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